Saturday, 3 March 2012

Free app review : Bubble Melody

We've been trying out lots of new apps this week at The Madhouse but the one that seems most addicitive is Bubble Melody. It's a game that appeals to every single member of the Madhouse Family, from 2-year-old Pierre right up to the grown-ups.

As is often the case with the totally unputdownable games, it's a really simple concept. Bubbles float across the screen from right to left and you have to pop them before they reach the other side, otherwise you lose a life. They get faster and more numerous as you progress through the levels so the popping gets more and more frantic until you'll be screaming at the screen !

To liven things up, many of the bubbles have cute little animal figures inside - you tap once to pop the bubble and then again to collect the animal and add it to your collection. But there's an evil nasty one called Boomskull - dressed in black with a skull face - that you mustn't tap on because he'll take lives away. Easier said than done when you're frantically tapping bubbles as fast as you can !

There's a leaderboard at the end which adds a fun element of competitivity - I got the top score on my first ever attempt so Sophie is desperate to beat me now ! There is only one thing I don't like - the style of writing which is really hard to read, especially for kids, who make up a large proportion of the people who will be playing the game.

Oh - there's also a huge plus point that I forgot to mention. It's totally free. What are you waiting for ?! Go and grab it now !

star rating : 4.5/5 

RRP : free

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  1. thanks for yet another great ipad app review.


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